The School follows The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) and pupils are prepared for the ICSE/ISC Board Examinations. ICSE comprises Nursery to Std X  

The KG classes  comprises of the Nursery, LKG and UKG. The curriculum followed in these levels is play-based and child centered recognizing the students’ multiple intelligences and encouraging creative thinking. A day at the Pre-Primary would involve much free play, both indoors and outdoors along with structured time. 

The curriculum involves learning through observation, experiential learning through first-hand experience, thus developing sensory perceptions to trigger both the creative and intellectual faculties of the child. Language and literacy development are facilitated with children listening and responding to rhymes, chants and stories and have ample opportunities to interact with teachers. Rhymes are a socially engaging, playful and a developmentally appropriate way for young children to hear, identify and experiment with the sounds of language.


Nursery, LKG & UKG  - 
1. English     

2. Mathematics  
3.General Knowledge (Oral rhymes) 


STD. I & II 
1. English
2. Kannada
3. Mathematics
4. Environmental Science
5. Computer Applications

1. English I & II
2. Kannada
3. Social Studies 
4. Mathematics
5. General Science
6. Computer Applications 
7. III Language (Hindi/Kannada) (STD IV & V)


1. English I & II 
2. II Language ( Hindi/ Kannada) 
3. III Language ( Hindi / Kannada) 
4. History & Civics 5. Geography 
6. Mathematics 
7. General Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) 
8. Computer Applications  

STD. IX & X 
The following subjects are compulsory
1. English I & II
2. II Language (Hindi / Kannada)
3. History & Civics
4. Geography
5. Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) – Graded Subject 


1. Mathematics
2. Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

Any one subject to be chosen
1. Commercial Applications
2. Computer Applications

Co-Scholastic Subjects

 1. Moral Educ​ation / Value Education : Value Education is part of the school curriculum. It nurtures general awareness, civic sense and services . 

2. Physical Education: PE is a part of the general curriculum of the school.  Organized Drill, Mass PT and games are conducted  under supervision of Physical Education instructors and teachers.

3.Art & Craft & SUPW
: Art & Craft classes enables the creativity of the students by articulating their ideas in their work. Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) from Standard V onwards has been introduced. Students are trained in various skills, painting, product out of waste materials etc., 

4. Health Education - Yoga: Yoga brings together mind, body a​​nd breath to produce perfect balance within us and can be the perfect addition to the school curriculum, as it can help children keep their minds calm and grow holistically.

Extra Curricular Activities


The School has four Houses : 

Leo                 –        stands for  leadership qualities.   
Libra              –       stands for dedication.
Scorpio         –       stands for value every human. 
Taurus          –       stands for  team spirit .

*Students Council 

Students are specifically trained to be leaders of the future. Keeping this objective in mind, every year a student council is formed  house-wise. Leader nominees are selected by the Principal and Sports committee teachers, thereafter the students elect  their leaders. 

Regular inter-house competitions are held such as debates, elocutions, song, dance, recitation etc., 

Sports and games such as cricket, athletics, skipping, chess, carrom and football are conducted to promote team spirit, cooperativeness, friendly competition and sporting spirit.


*Among other School activities, Fine Art classes are conducted such as Classical dance , Violin, Vocal Music, Mridangam, Tabala to bring out the hidden talents of the child. 
Learning of music, Fine Arts & Yoga classes are part of school syllabus.

*The School takes initiative in preparing students not only in academics but also in various co-curricular activities.  We also encourage students to participate in Scouts & Guides activities, Band group & other cultural activities. 

*In order to equip them in the art of public speaking, our students are encouraged to speak on relevant current subjects in the morning assembly.